I am thrilled to introduce you all to my newest book! I'll Hug You More arrived in January 2017! It is a perfect follow up to I Love You More. It is also a flip book and shares all the times it's a good time for a HUG! Love and hugs are two are two of the greatest gifts we can give our children. It's being shown that a healthy sense of self-worth is created when children and people feel connected. When we take the time to read to and with our children it does a wonder of good, and they're never too young! You're fostering a sense of connection, developing language and imagination, and you're simply being present with them is the greatest gift of all!!

Some of you know that when I sign I Love You More, the message I write is "You are a magnificent gift to your family and the world! Always know how truly loved you are." Some of you have even commented, that it seemed like I was writing my second book, turns out it was true! I knew the message would make a great book. The result is You Are a Gift to the World and when you flip the book over, The World is a Gift to You. My intention with this book is to encourage and empower our children to love themselves, one another and the planet we all call home! Pay attention parents, grandparents and teachers...this book, like I Love You More is written just as much for you!

In You Are a Gift to the World the child asks, "What's the best gift in the whole wide world?" and the answer is, "YOU are...your hugs, your smile, your laughter, your family." When you flip the book over she asks, "What's the best gift in the whole wide world? and the answer is "The world itself is a big gift, full of miracles just like you and me, the oceans, the mountains, the flowers, plants, trees and the sun that shines down upon us." Enjoy and remember...*YOU* are a gift to the world!

You Are a Gift to the World is temporarily out of stock, but you can search for a copy from a 3rd party seller on amazon if you like! You can order a copy with the child's name on the cover at www.PutMeIntheStory.com
When I introduce my books at schools for the first time many students ask which one is my favorite? I share that's like asking their mom, which child is her favorite--she'll tell you she doesn't have one. I Love You More will always be my first, You Are a Gift to the World is my second and I love it's message and that it's multi-cultural, and I'll Hug You More is the baby for now. I love them all...MORE!

I Love You More (ILYM) will always hold a very special place in my heart. It was an answer to a prayer, and the many ways this prayer affects my life and the lives of others continues to unfold. It's sold over 800,000 copies and counting, and is printed in Korea, Israel, Italy, China and the spanish board book version is available here in the US.

ILYM was written for my nephew Tyler. There was a lot going on in his world when he was young. Now I realize the message is meant for children of all ages, so that we might know, that no matter what's going on in our lives, or the world around us, how truly loved we are. I believe when people know they're loved, our natural, creative talents and genius shines through, and we are able to live our brightest and best lives! YOU are a magnificent gift to your family and the world. Always know how truly loved you are! Keep Shining!
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